Getting the hang of things – my first short story is now free

This self-publishing lark involves a number of compromises, especially with respect to writing time vs publishing time. For a few weeks now I’ve meant to try to find a way to put my first short story – The Facebook Genocide – out for free and I’ve finally got the hang of it. I think.

It’s now available for free by clicking here: Smashwords or on the cover image at top left of my home page, and selecting your preferred format. It’s available in a variety of standard formats as well as for iPad, Nook, and Sony Reader. As it propagates from Smashwords to the various distribution channels, the price reduction will also appear there.

From what I can tell getting it out for free on the Kindle takes a little more work as Amazon set a minimum price of 0.99c, which is only lowered if it can be demonstrated that it has been available for a lower price on other major distribution sites. I’ll hassle Amazon about that once the free price point is out there on Nook so I can point to it.

As always, I’d appreciate any reviews or comments. I think the story has become more relevant in the context of the flurry of NSA activity in the months since I published it, and I hope it strikes a chord with readers.