Into the future

Well that was a longer interval between posts than I originally planned on.

It’s been quite a busy year with a whole set of family challenges as well as an extended trip back to the UK, never mind this whole writing lark, but I was a little stunned to check in on the site today and realize how long it’s been since I posted anything.

But enough of the posting about not posting. Another new beginning. Life is full of fresh starts. Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans, etc. A few quick updates on story progress and then back to the coalface.

Dark Cities has gone through several revisions as I have reworked the plot to accommodate the story arc of Dark World, the third and final book in the series. Along with Life In General this has delayed my publishing schedule but I feel on track to get it to my editor Karen early enough to hit a December publication time frame.

It’s been a curious journey through Dark Cities as I felt after finishing the first story that the characters and plot were more or less writing themselves for the second one. This carried me only so far until I realized that no, they weren’t writing themselves, they were in fact running away with the story. I’d chased them down some blind alleys, some dark streets. Lack of discipline, always my enemy, had let me think I was making progress when I was really treading water.

If there’s any saving grace to the lost time, it’s that I now have the complete story arc plotted out through to the end of the third book, and it’s one that has a much broader sweep than I originally intended.

The timing means that I’ve shelved the rewrite of Shadow Paths, my children’s story, for the time being. I’m still pecking away at the collection of short horror fiction that’s going to be released as Tales from The Edge of The World, and I may be able to have that in shape to publish early next year.

Life, meanwhile, has been full of incident and I’ll be bashing out some of the choicer moments here, along with some thoughts and observations from my recent trip back to the UK.

While in London I revisited some of the locations in Dark Streets, including Nick and Allie’s flat, the Shard, and Camden Lock. As I post more about the trip I’ll add photos and some reflections on what’s happening to the psychogeography of the city.  As always, London is simultaneously standing still and running full tilt into the future.