A slight change of plans

Now that Dark Streets is available for the Kindle on Amazon, I’m moving ahead with making a print version available through CreateSpace (probably ready by this weekend), and I’m looking into an audio version.

My original plan from there was to publish my children’s fantasy story, Shadow Paths, and then move on before the end of the year to a collection of short horror stories that I’ve been working on.

The trouble is, I’ve had so much fun with the world of Dark Streets that I’m not ready to let it go for that length of time. Funny how that goes. For a while there, I was long past ready to be finished with it. It had been a long gestation from a collected series of short stories set in a Dark Futures world to a coherent novel-length narrative. Now that it’s published it doesn’t feel like it was that long of a stay at all.

The plan now is to publish Shadow Paths in September – I’ll be getting the latest draft out to beta readers about mid-July – and Dark Cities, the second Dark Futures story, in December. The short story collection – Tales From The Edge Of The World – will now be out in March.

Anyone who’s been following this blog will appreciate just how rash a statement that is, given my track record with Dark Streets. The difference this time around is that I now know what it takes to finish a story of that kind, and I know how to structure it. This, of course, doesn’t mean that I won’t be wildly wrong. I’ve done project management as a day job, and anyone who’s been down that road knows how your best laid plans can go adrift. On the other hand, I ought to know a thing or two about scheduling work, right?


Let’s see where we are in September…

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