A thousand steps

A short post  to mark the completion of Dark Streets. It’s been a long journey down those streets, and the characters have taken me down some twisting paths as well as a few blind alleys, but here it is: journey’s end.

Well, sort of. When I say ‘completion’, I mean that I have a complete manuscript.

Now for the next phase: a flurry of rewrites, blind readings, edits and tweaks.

I think as manuscripts go it’s in reasonable shape. This is my second complete novel length story, although my first to be readied for publication, and I learned a few things from the first one that helped me to make this a better story. I’ve already put a good chunk of the book through rewrites – it began as a series of short stories, so about half of the text has been reworked several times already.

On top of that my editor, Karen, has already worked through more than half of the story with me so we’re off to a running start for the next phase.

It’s a strange thing to be standing here, though, with all the plot lines completed and the story arc at an end. I thought I knew these characters before I set out, but they’ve shown me a few things that I didn’t know about them, and about London, a city I like to think that I know better than anywhere else on the planet.

Well then, here it is. One journey ends, another begins.

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