Good intentions and real life

It’s been a while since I posted but since I set myself a self-imposed deadline for publication of Dark Cities that I’m not going to meet, I thought I’d better get on the stick and at least get a status update out on the website.

My plans have changed a couple of times over the months since the publication of Dark Streets. My original intent was to rewrite my children’s story, Shadow Paths, and publish that next but I shelved that plan in favour of completing all three books in the Dark Futures story arc.

On the crest of a wave of energy and optimism coming off the publication of Dark Streets I thought I could have Dark Cities done by December and that was the publication date I put on the inside back cover of the first volume.

That proved to be a bit rash.

At this point Dark Cities is about 2/3 complete. Progress is good, but I’m finding myself doing more rewrites and plot tweaks to make the story work the way it needs to, and those take time. The net result is that I’m going to overrun my schedule by a couple of months.

If you were looking forward to reading Dark Cities in December, my apologies for being behind and I’ll try to be better at setting realistic timetables in future. I’m not going to set a new formal delivery date at this point, since I’m an indie publisher and the actual timing depends not only on my own writing schedule, but the availability of my editor, Karen, and graphic designer, Mary.

The good news is that if you enjoyed the characters and milieu of Dark Streets, there’s going to be a second helping available early in the New Year.

And with that, I’d better get back to the future.

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