Yes. Considerably.

Dark Streets is now available on Amazon for the Kindle.

It can be found here in the US, and here in the UK.

That seemed so easy to type, but the effort behind me being able to type it is about a year of work from me and many other people who supported me.

Everyone mentioned here is also a friend or family member, but I’d like to acknowledge them in their roles with respect to this story.

A huge thank you to Karen Barrett-Wilt, my editor, for her perseverance and advice. She had plenty of reasons to give up on this project over the last year but she never did. There is probably a lot of good advice she gave me that I didn’t take but should have, and so any mistakes that remain in the story are mine alone.

Enormous thanks also to my graphic designer Mary Musker for her vision for the cover, and her patience with my back and forth on things I know next to nothing about with respect to design (everything, basically).

Thank you to my principal beta readers: my brother Ean, John Telfer, Chris Alban and Greg Barret-Wilt. Your wide range of reading and critical commentary was invaluable. Your ability to give me crap over a few beers was even more important. John and Ean, we’ll have the beers part of that next time I’m over.

And thank you to my girls – Beth, Olivia, and Charlotte, and even Large Marge – for the time you gave to this story, the time that I was away living in my head and writing this down; thank you.

Dark Streets will be out on CreateSpace for paperback print on demand shortly.

And so on to the next journey.

Shadow Paths, a Celtic fantasy story about a young girl’s journey through darkness into light, was something I wrote years ago and will be rewriting for publication at the end of the summer. After that, it’s a seasonal collection of short horror stories, titled Tales from the Edge of the World, also mostly written, but needing some attention.

Plenty to get on with there, but having finished one novel, I feel very ready to get to the next.  To borrow from the opening scene of Casino Royale with Daniel Craig as Bond:

“…you needn’t worry. The second is…”

“Yes. Considerably.”

2 thoughts on “Yes. Considerably.

  1. I went to Amazon and found the Kindle edition, but don’t seem to be able to download it. I’m happy to pay for a copy, so will try again tomorrow…. Good luck with this, your first literary enterprise. I’m sure there will be many more!

  2. That’s odd, Sue. Might be slower to give the permissions out to the UK Amazon or something. Please give it a go tomorrow. Should be free then, too!

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